The 10 Biggest Reasons Men Resent Their Wives???

The 10 Biggest Reasons Men Resent Their Wives???

reasons men resent their wives

The 10 Biggest Reasons Men Resent Their Wives

Despite the picture-perfect impressions we get from upbeat Facebook posts or boastful holiday letters, even the healthiest marriages aren’t 100% free of conflict. At some point, virtually everyone feels wronged by a romantic partner. Bob Navarra, PsyD, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), says that those feelings aren’t what throw a marriage off course-it’s how couples handle them. “While it may be frustrating that the toothpaste cap was left off, happy couples talk about these small things,” he says. But when those emotions are swept under the rug, a more toxic variety of negativity begins to fester: resentment. Here, marriage experts share some of the most common reasons husbands resent their wives… If you really want to read more of this trash here is the link: CLICK HERE

Here we go again!

I have something to say about the above excerpt.

This is supposedly about reasons men resent their wives?

It is supposedly using so-called experts to validate the article. Read closer to who they are, How many so-called experts,the field they are in and what they do. They are people that prey off the unhappiness of others. They make money by writing books one sided of course or (counseling you) convincing you that you are unhappy and that if you try a little (the way they tell you) and you fail that it is not your fault and you should either Kick him out or you should leave.

“Please come back next week for another session on dealing with any unresolved issues…”
Of course after receiving this advice you get to fight over the details and joint possessions. Including Children and money. Winner takes all including the losers self-esteem,confidence,and respect. The children become the number one weapon in the “coup d’ etat”
love your wife

I am including some comments I have on this article. Yes I wrote them
First one written and posted be me:

How about writing an essay on:” The 212 reasons I LOVE my wife” or “99 reasons My husband thinks I am Perfect for him psst… I know because he tell and shows me all the time.”
or yet how about: “I cannot think of a single good reason to leave her/him.”
What is wrong with you people Do NOT take advice from YAHOO… EVER….


Second is my response to a very negative blaming comment by an unhappy woman:

Sounds like a communication problem, Stop fighting and listen.(to each other)
It takes 100 percent effort from each of you without expecting anything in return.
Do not listen to___and do not believe what this so called article said. Stop taking advice from others in the same position as you. If you want to have a better marriage you can make it better by Changing YOU not HIM. When he sees the change and sees who you are and how much you love and care HE WILL CHANGE. And when you see the change and see who he is and how much he loves and cares YOU will change. When all that happens You WILL be Amazed!
Fighting only creates a war, Change creates a change. Please direct your energy to change.

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