Parental Alienation Is a Real Family Problem

Parental Alienation Is a Real Family ProblemParental Alienation

Parental Alienation is a real family problem, that gets worse every day.
Parental Alienation starts long before a breakup, and becomes more and more aggressive as time goes on. The alienating parent becomes an expert at covert, malicious ,behaviors which is usually accepted and adopted by the rest of the Parental Alienator’s family.
In reality it is NEVER just the one parent doing the alienating, It is them and their entire family being Parental Alienators. Hence; Parental Alienation is a real family problem. Unknowingly, and knowingly, friends, neighbors, daycares, etc. become supporters of alienation by their interference in the conversations and activities with the children, family and so on.
Limiting contact, information, and any knowledge of daily activities by third party persons is in fact Illegal, denigration, and a form of child abuse often overlooked by and for the third party individuals. It is NEVER overlooked by the Alienating Parent, attys, and Family court Judges,as the Alienated Parent suddenly has to defend themself due to perverted and fake accusations of the same damaging behaviors, reeking of Red herring tactics being used to disguise and misguide the Courts to the Real Parental Alienators.
The alienated Parent is falsely accused and persecuted, often prosecuted wrongly which shows that the Family Courts, atty’s and Judges are in Fact corrupt as they are actively alienating the Innocent Parent by giving the the alienating parent an affirmation that their actions are okay by the courts.

Parental Alienation is a Real Family Problem, The child is the one hurt and affected in every way. WE Have to stop this.

Parental Alienation IS Child Abuse.

Below, is a link to One of the better articles,They too have the definition incomplete. All in all, a very excellent article that should spark some question that you can research to find the actual beginnings of Parental Alienation.


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