Parent-Child Bond:The 28th Amendment

Protecting Parent-Child Bonds: The 28th Amendment Proposal

When It comes to Protecting The Parent-Child bond: The 28th Amendment Proposal,

A Lot of people want things to change the with Parent-Child Bond In the Courts, Laws, Government etc.

We must protect the  Parent-Child Bond:  This will Only happen if WE elect the right people to office. Elections are coming up quick (State Elections) Call your Senators, Representatives, Governors, and Judges, and Local officials to see where they stand on Parent-Child Bond, FATHERS RIGHTS, and EQUAL SHARED PARENTING and YOUR child’s Rights to have BOTH parents EQUALLY.

If they stand on the fence or are not for those ( and family court reform) then DO NOT VOTE for them regardless of Party. WE need NEW officials working for us. They must have the same concerns for our children as we do, That is: Protecting the Parent-Child Bond.

I want my Child Back, Do YOU?

Here is a Proposed Amendment to the Constitution You should read about…

This needs to get in the Hands of Anyone who supports our cause as Parents. Check it out here, Remember change will not Happen if we sit and wait for it. It is Not enough to send a letter asking for change if we do not explain what needs changing and why.

Look here:Parent-Child Bond


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